Travel Plans 2018

Travel Plans 2018

February: Spain

March: England, Berlin

April: North Germany

May: Italy, Germany

June: Wales, England

July: Austria

August: Germany, Greece, Austria


So, tomorrow I drive to Bielefeld in Germany to give the Address to the Haggis at a Burns Supper. 

Good job I had my DNA analysed, which tells me that 50% of my genetic markers originate in North Wales, 21% in North-West Ireland, 21% in North West Scotland and 8% from somewhere in the Alps. 

So there will be some element of authenticity ….


Echoes and Premonitions

Echoes and Premonitions: some thoughts about Music

Far more than just notes and activity, which in themselves are meaningless, music is the underlying universal reality. 

The notes and activity, upon which we concentrate, are fundamentally irrelevant and mere surface ripples which distract from the greater depths of a profounder and more important dimension. 

I write ‘Echoes and Premonitions’ because, to me, music is increasingly and ever more urgently an ever-present and highly focussed precondition for life, a process of receptivity and focussed awareness. 

Music is beyond time, timeless. Its notes, sounds, stylistic characteristcs and manifestations do not really matter. Music is the substance of that place or condition from which we all have come and to which we will all return. 

Whether composer, player or listener, in music we may resonate with the eternal. 

Composers do not really invent, or create. They simply have a more developed capacity, or inclination, to tune in and re-transmit, in as much as they can, a smallest hint of this greater reality, for some of the time at least. 

Truth is approached through resonance and empathy. 

There is one song …..